Free Standing Kitchens


How to plan your kitchen layout


Kitchen layouts have traditionally revolved around a basic connection between the fridge, stove and sink. This shape keeps everything within arm's reach while you're cooking but sticking to it too severely can in fact make a kitchen's design more complicated.

Make sure the route between your three work areas - preparation, cooking and washing - stays clear and direct. 

Appliances can be awkward in kitchens with limited space.  A small kitchen may have a more uncomplicated work triangle but sometimes it just doesn’t work with the layout. However a smaller area also makes it easy to keep everything close at hand.

In a large kitchen you'd have to maintain a logical relationship between work areas, but their distance can be adjusted according to the room's scale.

If your kitchen layout includes an island, it's a good idea to put either the stove or sink into it to create a well-organized workspace.